Hardwood floor installation and refinishing

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing ...your old floors new again!

Are your hardwood floors in need of some attention?
Look no further. Wood floor installation and refinishing are our specialties.

We take pride in restoring neglected and worn hardwood floors in Seattle to their former glory. Our team of highly skilled flooring professionals excels in all aspects of hardwood floor refinishing work.

When it comes to refinishing your hardwood floors, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can maintain the original look or opt to stain them a different color, depending on the type of hardwood floor you have. For finish options, you can choose a hard wax oil finish or go for a more traditional water-based surface finish.

With years of experience serving the Pacific Northwest, we're equipped with the expertise and industry know-how to bring your hardwood flooring vision to life. Let us use our professional hardwood flooring contractor skills to transform your floors into something truly remarkable.

How we resurface your hardwood floors

We can resurface your existing Hardwood floors to remove scratches and imperfections & even change color to give your floors an upgrade without the expense of installing new flooring!

1. Prepare, repair, set up

Prior to commencing floor sanding, meticulous preparation is essential. Any protruding nails are hammered down, and necessary wood flooring repairs are addressed. Our dustless floor sanding equipment is then set up, ensuring a clean and efficient process. Subsequently, the hardwood floors undergo thorough sweeping and vacuuming before we begin sanding.

2. Sanding

After the hardwood flooring is prepared, we commence the sanding process using specialized equipment such as belt sanders and edgers. The selection of sandpaper grits depends on the condition and type of hardwood floor. Our objective is to effectively remove the existing finish and restore the hardwood floor to its bare wood state.

Finer Sanding and Filler

After sanding the floor down to bare wood, we proceed with the fine sanding stages. This involves removing the rough sanding marks from the initial passes. With each pass, we use progressively higher grit sandpaper to achieve a smooth and finely sanded surface. If we've installed new wood flooring for you, this stage is when we fill the floor with putty as needed.

Finishing Touches

After completing the hardwood floor sanding, we focus on the final touches by hand. Hand scrapers are employed to access areas under radiators, along the trim, and in corners that the sanders cannot reach. These spots are meticulously hand-sanded to match the final grit from the sanders. Following this, thorough vacuuming and cleanup are conducted to prepare for the next step.

Staining (Optional)

During this stage, if you desire to alter the color of your wood floor, we apply pre-color treatments or stain.  

Finish Coat

Now, it's time to apply the finish. The duration and number of coats required will vary based on the finish system you choose. For multi-coat finishes, each coat necessitates abrading the hardwood floor before application. Subsequently, meticulous tacking and vacuuming are conducted to eliminate any debris, ensuring a surface free from contaminants.

upgrade your hardwood floors without the expense of installing new flooring!

After years of perfecting, our wood flooring installation and refinishing process prioritizes preserving the surface layer while delivering exceptional results. Utilizing specialized sanding equipment for floors with thin wear layers, we ensure minimal material removal.

Schedule your hardwood floor refinishing today, and we will assist you in selecting the most suitable finish for thin floors, guaranteeing optimal outcomes.

Hardwood and engineered Floor Installation
brand new floors!

Are you looking for professional hardwood flooring installation services? Look no further. At Fresh Floors NW, we specialize in installing various types of wood floors, including solid wood, engineered, glue-down, and nail-down options.

Types of floors we install

SOLID WOOD: The most distinctive type of hardwood flooring; various styles of wood, colors, and grades are available. Solid wood flooring is available either prefinished or unfinished.

ENGINEERED WOOD: Engineered wood flooring is a durable choice due to its flexibility – having the ability to function in areas with increased levels of moisture. It is essentially composite multilayered wood flooring (real wood being on the upper layer) that is oftentimes thinner than solid wood.

Hardwood floor installation process

1. Floor acclimation

After you select your hardwood floor, we will arrange to have it delivered to your home. It then needs to undergo acclimation (adjusting to the room environment) before we can install it.

2. Remove old flooring & base trim

After allowing the hardwood flooring to acclimate, we initiate the preparation of your sub-floor. We start by removing any existing flooring and base trim. We then inspect the subfloor for flatness, addressing any highs or lows by grinding them down or filling them in to ensure a smooth surface for installation.

3. Install Underlayment

Once the subfloor is leveled and prepared, we move on to installing an underlayment. Underlayment is useful for stability, insulation, sound reduction, and moisture protection.

4. Floor is measured and racked

Each room is meticulously measured to ensure proper spacing of the boards. We carefully inspect the hardwood flooring, discarding any unsightly boards. Cutting and racking then commence, with great care taken to avoid creating 'H' joints.

5. Floor Installation

Once the racking is done for a substantial part of the floor, the installation begins. The method of installation will vary depending on the type of hardwood flooring material you selected as well as the type of subfloor you have.

6. Finishing Touches

The final step of our installation process is to replace the trim and baseboards. Our installers can usually have your project completed in a few days.

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